About us

About Red & Silver

At Red & Silver we believe that working with people on shared projects means you have more of what you need most; more ideas, more points of view, more resources and more fun.

We are creating a community of photographers and creatives, and giving them the opportunity to communicate and collaborate. We provide resources to professional, semi professional and amateur photographers alike and publish regular members newsletters and an annual print magazine. We also run the annual Red & Silver Members Conference, an opportunity to network share ideas and learn more about making a living from photography.

Collaboration makes for better art, better business and a better life.


Membership Benefits

Members get access to a range of resources and benefits created by photographers for photographers, including;

•Quarterly digital newsletter

•Annual members conference

•Annual print magazine – featuring the best members images from the year

•Members listing and online profile

•Collaboration guidelines

•Template documents


Because Red & Silver is a collaborative project, it’s not just about what we can offer you. The more our members contribute the better Red & Silver will be. We also want people who really subscribe to our ethos of collaboration, and regularly include other members in the projects they are working on.

Photographers are often asked, could you do a little bit of filming? Could you edit this together for us? You’re good with cameras, can you help with this? The modern photographer needs to be confident with many different aspects of the media industry so don’t feel that Red & Silver is just about photography. We would also love to hear about any multimedia projects you are working on, commercially, or just for fun. You never know, we might just be able to help.

At Red & Silver we are all about collaborating and sharing our passion in photography.

Who are we?

Red & Silver was founded by David and John. We’ve both had a lifelong passion for photography in all of its forms, we love to play with the latest digital equipment and we also firmly believe that film is not dead. We met at the University of Lincoln Photography Society while studying and have been friends ever since.