Why we are in love with film photography. Again.

19th December 2014

Film photography has in recent years seen a resurgence among professional and amateur photographers alike. To some it’s increase in popularity is a bit of a mystery but to both of us here at Red & Silver it’s a complete no brainer.

For a photographer there is nothing quite like working on film. When working with a digital camera you can consistently get amazing results, shoot as much as you want, download, make whatever edits you want and then send your images around the world in a matter of moments. But when shooting digital you never actually physically connect with the photograph you are creating. Being able to handle and make that direct physical connection with a photograph, having it force you to slow down and think, to get it right ‘in camera’ is an incredible experience. Shooting analogue is a creative process between the photographer, camera and film. Each one having almost equal input.


For a client there are also distinct advantages to having photographs produced on film. Film has a unique look and feel that cant be accurately represented in a digital file and that look is extremely popular, just look at Instagram. In terms of quality, film is also better than most digital cameras, it’s analogue nature means that you are going to have to print very big before you can tell the difference and at smaller, more common, sizes film is simply better.

Film is here to stay, it’s popularity is rising. Why that popularity is so great is a difficult question. Is it a Nostalgic reaction? A want to re-connect with a tangible product in a digital world? Or is it digital natives curious about apparently obsolete technologies? Whatever the reasons give film a go, it’s different, unique and more than a little bit special.

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