5 Tips to get your LinkedIn Profile Picture Right

22nd April 2015

LinkedIn is fast becoming an integral part of the recruitment process for many businesses and is the premier online networking tool. This means that LinkedIn is often your online first impression, meaning you need to carefully consider your endorsements, profile text and profile picture.


john linkedin screengrab


Your linkedIn profile picture is an important part of your profile and, the chances are, you are not the only person with your name on LinkedIn. You may not even be the only person with your name in your organisation. This means you are going to be most easily identified by your profile picture.

There are a few things you need to consider when picking your LinkedIn Profile picture.

1. What works on Facebook doesn’t work on LinkedIn.

This one might seem obvious to most but it is surprising how many people make this mistake. LinkedIn is a professional network so the picture of you on holiday may work if you are a holiday rep, but in most cases it isn’t the right choice.

2. The profile picture is small so make sure you are easily identified.

Try to choose a picture in which you are the most prominent thing in the image, people will be looking for your face when scrolling through their search results. Avoid photographs that place you in a larger scene, when your image is reduced to just 200 pixels wide you may be barely visible.

3. Look smart and look professional.

Again this may seem obvious but a quick selfie after a day at work probably wont do you justice. Simple things like making sure your hair is right and your shirt is ironed do make a difference to the impression you give. If you wear a uniform as a part of your work, wear it, this will help to show you are a professional.

4. Make sure it’s the right size.

Previously we produced a short guide to using pictures on social media, the advice we gave then applies now as well. Edit your image so it is the right size, resolution and aspect ratio before you upload. Doing this means you will get the best results and avoid upload errors, grainy images and other problems

5. Be Yourself.

Above all make sure your personality comes through, lots of profile pictures on LinkedIn look pretty much the same. It’s difficult to show your personality or be unique, but if you manage it you’re sure to be remembered and recognised offline as well as online.

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