Photography Websites for Business

21st October 2014

Photography can be quite a complicated business with many different types of companies offering different types of images and services. So to help you get the most from your businesses image bank, we have compiled a list of our favourite image related websites. These websites do not offer entirely unique products as other similar services exist, however these are the websites we would be happy to recommend. So in no particular order;



Instagram Is everyones favourite filter based photography website. Instagram is all about creating, sharing, discussing and re-sharing images with your followers. With a search facility based around the ‘Hashtag’, just like Twitter, following trends is really easy. For businesses this means tapping in to the zeitgeist of a highly desirable market is relatively simple and could provide many creative advertising opportunities. Pushing content directly to your followers phones is a powerful tool when used correctly, however direct advertising has never really took off on the platform. So be warned. Create great content and share, thats all you need to do to build up a follower base that is interested in and passionate about your brand.

instagram business screen grab

Dropbox and Google Drive

Although Dropbox and Google Drive are not strictly photography websites they are useful as places to backup the images you use regularly on your blog or website. Its easy to upload content and storage can be easily expanded without breaking the bank. Dropbox and Google Drive are also useful when working with designers, web developers and photographers. You can place all of the content relating to your latest advertisement in one place and share it with all parties involved.

drop box for business


Getty Images

Getty is a fantastic resource for stock photography. Stock photography is photographs that a photographer takes of generic situations, sporting events, news events, products and activities. A company such as Getty sells these images on to anyone who buys a licence. Stock photography is great when you need a set of images that would either be impractical to send a photographer to shoot for you or if you need an image immediately. Obviously there are disadvantages to stock images, for example they don’t actually feature you or your product. However Getty’s stock is of excellent quality and when you need a variety of media about a particular subject, Getty is one of the very best sources.


getty screen cap


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