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By choosing to join us at Red & Silver you get access to a range of resources and benefits created by photographers for photographers.

  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Annual Red & Silver Conference
  • Annual print magazine – featuring the best members images from the year
  • Members listing and online profile
  • Collaboration guidelines
  • Template documents

We also have plans to add lots more benefits in the future. The more our you get involved, the better all these benefits will be.



Part of collaborating is sharing. A quarterly digital magazine highlighting what you’re up to and photography news from the web is the starting point. We also produce a yearly print magazine that showcases your images. Best of all, it’s free to members. Our annual conference is your opportunity to meet other members and network. We will have guest speakers, providing you with information to better run your business and giving insights to other photographers work.



Sometimes we all need a little bit of help and collaboration is the answer. When you’re Ill or busy there is no need to miss out on work. We provide you with our members details, their favoured type of photography and their usual rates. Meaning you can get in touch and work with someone you have already met and is a part of the same community. We will also send you template documents to make everything from quoting to invoicing a little bit easier and you can use these templates in any part of your business.


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